Sunday, July 25, 2010

Stewartstown Parade

This past Saturday was one of the hottest days of the year so far. There were heat advisories with temperatures hovering around 99 and a heat index of 105. Why not goto a parade?

Started off the day at the farm in the morning trying to figure out the air leak issue with the windshield wipers. The air leak was coming from a hole in the passenger side wiper control. Wierd that is th eone that worked. It appears to be some sort of relief valve. The main air connection comes into the passenger side control and from there feeds to the drivers side control. I disconnected the main air supply and capped it off temporarily. The only down side of doing this was I lost the air pressure gauge. But everything worked great.

Had a good time at the parade. Had a friend and his family ride with us and throw candy. Even with the heat everyone had a good time.

Monday, July 12, 2010

2010 PA Pump Primers Muster

The day started off at 7AM where we met up with Kevin Gibeny and his 1973 Mack CF Engine and the crew form the Yoe Fire Company and their 1951 FWD. 

We made the short trip to the York County VoTech where we were meeting up with The Gibney's Mack CF tiller and Richard Williams and his Seagrave.  As we were there it started to rain.  Since the FWD is an open cab they started up the highway while we waited for the rest of our convoy.

Once we got into Harrisburg luckily for us the rain stopped.  While in the staging area everyone pitched in to get the apparatus shined up for the parade.  Here is Owen and I along with my old college roomates son in the staging area.

From there it was off to the parade and to the river for pumping.

Had a great day.  After we finished up here we made a quick trip to Maryland to our friends for their sons 3rd birthday party.

On the ride back to the farm we developed an air leak in the drivers side windshield wiper.  So we will have to try to get that fixed before the next schedule event the Stewartstown parade on July 24th.

 Photo by Jason Coleman Cobb
Photo by MB400

Photos by Jesse Shutt

You Tube Videos from the parade.

In this one we are at the 1:14 mark.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Getting Ready for Pump Primers

After a visit to Almost Home Child Care my friend Mike and I worked on getting the engine ready for pump primers. 
  • We took the muffler off and replaced it with a new straight pipe exhaust.
  • We were able to mount some of the equipment and the air packs.
  • I then replaced the mud flaps with the Mack mudflaps I purchased a few months ago. 
  • Lastly we gave the bulldog a new outfit!

Visit to Almost Home Day Care

Today I took the engine to Owen's day care to show the kids.  We let the older school aged kids spray the booster line. 

Then Owen brought his class out to show them "his" fire truck.  Everyone loved it.